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Aina connects with your smartphone using Bluetooth 5.0 and works with our Aina app installed in your phone. Its controlled using 4 swipe gestures in 4 different directions on the touch sensing area of the ring that control Aina's display.

The home screen displays time and any recent notifications. AI shortcuts come as pop ups over the Home screen which you can choose to Accept, reject, snooze. Swipe Down on the Home screen to activate your Voice Assistant and enter specific "Modes" by giving a Custom Voice Command to Aina.


Weight of Current Prototype: 15gms/0.5 Oz
Material: Precious Metal plating or Anodizing over Titanium Base
Qualcomm SoC with Dual mode Bluetooth 5.0
Dual Noise Cancelling Microphones
Compatible with iOS and Android
50mAh Battery - 1.5-2.5* hours talktime,
36* hours standby
6 Axis motion sensor
NFDS(Near Field Directional Sound) speaker
unit(Patent Pending)
OLED Edge Display- 200 dpi
Vibration module
5V Charging Dock
Water Resistance: Aina is SplashProof- IPX7
Ring Size: We will send a sizing chart to you
before we start shipping the rings.




Using a Proprietary Acoustic channel design and applying DSP on sound in the Human Speech range, our patent pending Near Field Directional Sound technology projects sound in a focused beam towards your ear from Aina when you place your fingertips near your ear.

Aina hello voice Command


We have partnered with Lisnr Inc., a US company specializing in communication protocols using encrypted sound wherein two devices communicate with each other using near ultrasonic sound that is inaudible, encrypted and more secure than NFC(you can anyways paste an NFC sticker on Aina if you use it a lot). Applications of Sound based authentication are limitless, but we start with a few popular ones:

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Aina takes custom Voice commands and enters into specific modes to control individual devices or services. Third parties will soon be able to make their own Modes for Aina. A few modes that are going to be part of the first version of Aina are: Slideshow Mode: Control slideshow by swiping up down left right on Aina. Smart Light mode: Control the intensity and color of smart bulbs using Aina for any device that can be controlled through IFTTT . Music Mode: Switch tracks on your phone using Aina, even if you are listening to music from Bluetooth speakers or wireless earphones connected to your phone. TV Remote Mode: Control your TV by swiping on Aina or by giving Voice commands. Works with FireTV and Sensy Remote.

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Aina is the first ring that features a 200 DPI OLED Display. A display that is designed to always stay in your field of view, so you can see the time and check phone notifications even when you are driving, typing, writing or just sitting. -Check Time -Subtle Vibration Feedback for select notifications -Check Phone Notifications: You can select which applications you want notifications from and whenever a selected app's notification comes, Aina will vibrate and the app's icon will be displayed on its screen. You can see notifications from Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, SMS etc.